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Your image will be transformed onto canvas as a lasting and treasured memory. 

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"Creating unique and lasting memories"

Emma was with me for 13 years and I wanted something special to remember her by. Karen did a fabulous job and I will always treasure the image of Emma.





Shiro was so precious to me and I had lost all but one photo of her in my move. The chance to have an image of Shiro with me again was sensational! The image was better than the photo!

The process begins with you and your pet.  My goal is to make sure that your memories and love for your animal comes across on the canvas as a lasting memory.  I will work with you to choose colors, format and pose so that the image is something you will treasure always and will bring your pet to mind with a smile.

See the steps to the right for details on the process itself and then contact me and we can discuss how to make the "magic" happen.